Cuban cigars
in the heart of Barcelona since 1920

1920 - The beginnings

Mr Gimeno consolidated the prestige of the company in more than 50 years on a national level, despite the great historical transformations that took place in that period, reaching international popularity in time. The founder of the company died in the early Seventies and his son-in-law Pedro Canals took the business over, together with his daughter Carmen Gimeno.

1950 - 1980

The next two decades hosted important events. First, during the 1982 World Cup Barcelona was one of the main venue for the sport events and Las Ramblas went back to be the main avenue of the city going through a golden age.

80 - 90's

Then in 1992 Barcelona was picked as the venue for the Olympic Games. The city was completely restyled and tourism became an essential trait of its identity. This new state of things affected directly the Gimeno shop, already a referent in the international cigars market, due to the quality of the service, the assortment and the position in the city centre.

From the 90's

From early Nineties, Carmen Canals - granddaughter of Francisco Gimeno - and her husband Domingo Vila-Puig took in charge the business, and strengthened the reputation and the prestige of the shop: it was the first natural cave for the conservation of cigars in Spain, a reference for habanos lovers on both national and international level.

2020 - Present

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the store, the current owner Domingo decides to refresh its image: the old Casa Gimeno is renamed Domingo Cigars. Getting to La Rambla 100 you will be attended by a passionate and professional team, if you are looking for habanos or limited edition cigars. Domingo Cigars is mainly a company built through people, all the way since 1920.